Western Camino – Day 2

We left Zion United Church in Frampton Cotterell and said goodbye to the wonderful Zoe who had cared for us and given us so much heartfelt hospitality.  We were blessed by Stephen – we have been richly blessed on this journey so far, and it’s a very pleasant experience (not often encountered in my previous job as a government economist!). We’ve been enjoying learning different songs each day, this time Janne led us in Bella Mamma.

The first part of the day saw us heading to Rangeworthy where we popped into the excellent Crown and Rose who let us camp out in their garden for a bit; we had the first chips of our Camino.  The rest of the day saw some excellent countryside as we crossed many stiles, most of which were high and wobbly! We also had many brushes with cows and their calves in this part of the walk.  Ginny, who joined us for a couple of days, turns out to be an excellent cow whisperer. We eventually arrived in the lovely Wotton Under Edge where we have had some amazing veggie curries at the Baptist Church which has really lifted our spirits, particularly as it was followed by some pretty scrumptious apple crumble.  This lovely church is also very exciting because it has a shower!  We ❤️ showers.  We have a discussion forum this evening with people from the church and tomorrow we walk to Stroud.

Tacitly endorsing clean energy!

Special shout outs for Sarah our indefatigable walk leader over the past couple of days and Iszi, the world’s most patient back marker!

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