Reflections – Day 9

👣 London Camino Day 9: We had a brilliant day with warm welcomes at churches in Cosgrove and Yardley Gobion including a chat with some excited students from Yardley Gobion Church of England Primary School! We reached St Lawrence Church, Towcester, had yet another fantastic meal cooked for us (Levantine food this time) and spoke at a community event at the Sawpit Centre. Tomorrow we look forward to showers at the leisure centre before setting off 🐳

One thought on “Reflections – Day 9

  1. Sincere thanks to all the Camino to COP walkers for coming to inspire us in Towcester. Your short talks, the Coat of Hopes and your singing made us think about the way Nature is being ravaged and how we are contributing to this. You taught us that trying to put right the damage we have done to God’s world will cause us INCONVENIENCE. An important message.


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