Western Camino – Day 7 to 8

👣 After a blessing from Tewkesbury Abbey yesterday, walkers were accompanied out of town by well wishing locals including local Green Party councillor Cate Cody. A good walk along the Severn to Upton where the group were met by local supporters. After a lovely walk through countryside with the Malvern hills in sight,  finished with a welcome from a mini samba band and a large group of well-wishers in Barnard’s Green. Celebrations continued in Lansdowne Crescent Methodist Church with Extinction Rebellion Malvern Page. The evening rounded up with a visit from the ‘Rainbow Guardians’ and gorgeous music from Jonathan Penley on harp and Julia Palmer-Price on cello.

We had a lovely start to the day in Malvern with a Buddhist blessing from Kaspa and a huge turn out of day walkers. We had a lovely lunch at Shop at the Top at Callows End. We were welcomed into a church for an afternoon loo stop by the lovely Gary, minister at Powick, and made the final approach into Worcester met by the bishop and arch deacon. We finally made it to St George’s for refreshments and accomodation and huddled round the radio to listen to Sarah on BBC Hereford talk about the Camino! 📻

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