Reflections – Day 26

👣 A sunny start this morning (although it didn’t stay that way for long) and we were full of porridge thanks to The Upper Room!

Today’s walk was right through Manchester so not very scenic but we managed to stop off at Home Community Cafe for coffee and cake and then Whitworth Art Gallery before heading right into the city accompanied by XR Manchester’s samba band. 🥁

We took shelter from the rain to eat lunch in Holy Name Church, Manchester (where more Extinction Rebellion Manchester members greeted us) then stopped at St Peter’s Square to meet representatives from Christian and Sikh communities.

The final part of our walk was pretty soggy and we were relieved to arrive at St Thomas’ Church, Pendleton where the heating might be broken but there was so much warmth in the hearts and smiles of those waiting for us! The walls had been covered in inspiring messages and we met the Mayor of Salford as well as Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, both of whom were really encouraging. After an amazing 3-course dinner (what a treat!) we chatted with interested (and interesting) people from the area before finally collapsing into bed. 😴

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