Reflections – Day 28

👣 We walked just under 9 miles today in pretty constant drizzle. We stopped for a break in Brooksbottom by a bridge that collapsed in 2015 due to flooding. Extreme weather events are increasing all over the world, and this is only going to get worse as the Earth continues to warm up. In our period of silent walking today we remembered all those who have lost their lives in extreme weather events. 🌫️

We stopped for lunch in Ramsbottom and were so grateful to be spontaneously welcomed to shelter inside St Paul’s Church, Ramsbottom even though they were about to host a wedding! We arrived at St Peter’s Haslingden Church and Community Centre to an amazing vegan afternoon tea and are looking forward to an evening of regen and getting to know the newer pilgrims who have joined recently. We also were delighted to get some laundry done! 🧦 

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