Reflections – Day 30 to 31

πŸ‘£ Our long-awaited rest day in Clitheroe (where we made it onto the front page of the local paper) did not disappoint! After a morning spent with the community including students from Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, we joined a procession into the town with XR Ribble Valley, XR Hebden Bridge, and XR Wirral including Red and Blue Rebels from these groups ! In the evening we joined a workshop at Clitheroe United Reformed Church – URC involving short films about the climate crisis (and some great jazz)!

Today we were so glad we’d had so much support and love from Clitheroe, as we needed it to keep our spirits up as we strode through mud, rain, wind and hail to get to Newton-in-Bowland village hall where we have been greeted with soup and tea! 🍡 A highlight (?) was crossing the Drakenhouse Brook on a very steep and muddy bank which gave us a great opportunity to show our community spirit and teamwork to get everyone across safely! So far Lancashire is definitely living up to its reputation 🌊

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