Reflections – Day 34

👣 Today’s weather and surroundings were absolutely beautiful! We woke up to an incredible sunrise and homemade granola, and had an easy day walking to the very picturesque village of Sedbergh. We were joined by some lovely local walkers as well.

Tonight we are staying at Cornerstone Community Church Sedbergh where we took part in an outreach event this evening! As we go further north, the places we pass through are often smaller and our routes are more remote, but we are still having really great conversations with the people we come across even if these occur a little less frequently. 🏡

Today pilgrim Tom wore the Coat of Hopes and twirled around the hillside. Tom is such an asset to the Camino team, helping with navigation and often being our ‘front marker’ making sure we cross roads safely! 🚦

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