Reflections – Day 44 to 45

πŸ‘£ Day 44: Today was a drizzly day along roads and the beautiful Annandale Way – we are constantly grateful for the privilege we have of being outside close to nature for such long periods especially with the incredible changing colours of Autumn. We are super grateful to St Mungo’s Church in Kettleholm for allowing us to shelter there for our lunch break! We have now arrived in Lockerbie where people from the local churches have collaborated to provide us with yet another delicious meal as well as breakfast for tomorrow! πŸ’š

πŸ‘£ Day 45: We continued on up the Annandale Way to Johnstonebridge Centre. Our path led us through an incredible piece of woodland (pine, we think) straight out of a fairytale! Whilst this type of habitat is great for moss and fungi and we loved exploring it and having our lunch amongst the moss, it’s good to remember it is inhospitable to most native wildlife. 🌲

As we arrived in Johnstonebridge we were met by a film crew from Sky News! It’s great to get more publicity as we get closer to Glasgow!

🎀 Don’t forget we are fundraising for activists in the Global South to help them get a seat at the table – read more here

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