Reflections – Day 50

👣 After briefing in the rain outside the service station in Abington we walked on to Douglas! Eventually the showers gave way to sunshine and rainbows as we walked through a wind farm. Some people think wind turbines ruin the view but we think there’s nothing ugly about renewable energy! 🌬️

The wonderful people at Upper Clyde Parish Church had provided us with lunch and we sang our way on to Douglas. The incredible Douglas Bakery stayed open late specially so we could chill before heading off to various different locations to sleep. We might all be a bit spread out tonight but we are still one Camino! 💚

One thought on “Reflections – Day 50

  1. Bumping into some of you – very briefly – at Ablington services made my day if not week/month. I lost track of your progress about ten days ago and the stop was unscheduled . . . .
    en route to Campbelltown, kintyre.

    Hard to know what else to say other than thankyou all. Incredible folk. Maybe see you in Glasgow.

    Love and rage


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