Camino to COP26

A pilgrimage for climate justice


You can download the latest route spreadsheet here. It includes the stops on the walks leaving from both London and Bristol. Below are the maps on plotaroute:

London to Birmingham

Birmingham to Carlisle

Carlisle to Glasgow

The maps for the Western Camino (Bristol to Birmingham) are available here. Contact westerncamino@gmail.com with any questions.

Want to walk with us?

We are delighted to welcome Day-Walkers and those who are able to organise their own overnight accommodation to join us on the Camino. Whilst there may be the odd exception, our plan is to assemble at 9am each morning for any notices, updates and words – perhaps a song or a poem – before setting off at 9:30am.  We would love it if Day-Walkers could join us for that morning gathering so do try to be with us at or a little before 9am – check the route spreadsheet to find out where we will be. Please also join the relevant Logistics WhatsApp group on the Info page as this is where any changes and updates will be posted.


We are united by our faith; a faith that we can advocate and influence and be the change that we want for our world. We choose to walk to COP26 as a practice of that faith, an act of connection with the earth on which we walk and the people with whom we walk and the communities through which we pass; and we make our way in kinship with the peoples and creatures of the earth who are suffering and displaced by climate and ecological breakdown. We do so peacefully and lawfully, ready to engage and learn, because we care and we have hope.


Latest on the Camino To COP

  • Reflections – Day 13
    👣 Our Friday 13th was not unlucky! We had a very short 6 mile walk into Coventry today meaning we had lots of time to chat to people as we entered the city and also managed some tourism at Coventry Cathedral! We are staying at Coventry Quakers and had a beautifully wholesome evening with LauraContinue reading “Reflections – Day 13”
  • Western Camino – Day 9
    👣 We left Worcester in the morning to head for Stourport and a rendezvous with the Marches Camino. Highlights of the walk included seeing a rare night heron and a spot of wild swimming. We were met in Stourport by some super local rebels with a banner and a melodian. More spontaneous Morris dancing. ThenContinue reading “Western Camino – Day 9”
  • Reflections – Day 11 to 12
    👣 We’ve explored a lot of farmland over the last two days coming from Daventry to Wolston via Grandborough. Highlights included amazing hospitality at St. Peter’s Church Grandborough and tonight at Wolston St Margarets C of E Church, lurking outside an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, a lunch stop at Wolfhamcote, Warwickshire, United Kingdom (a medieval villageContinue reading “Reflections – Day 11 to 12”