Outside COP26, Glasgow November 2021

The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) takes place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt between 6th and 18th November 2022.  Last year’s COP26 negotiations in Glasgow were a failure which has left us on track for a 2.7 degrees warming – a reflection of the inaction and greenwash from rich governments and corporations who are sacrificing frontline communities for profit and power. But whilst governments failed to act, the success story of COP26 was that it led to the climate justice movement – and that includes us – becoming more connected, more educated and more outspoken.  

This year the COP27 Coalition, an African and Arab led coalition of NGOs, trade unions, grassroots community campaigns, faith groups, youth activists and others aims to centre climate justice and the voices of the most impacted, especially from the Global South, at COP27. But in many countries across the Global South, brutal regimes ban protests and strikes, and lock up those who dare challenge big businesses or the state. The Egyptian government has detained tens of thousands of people for simply expressing their opinions, joining opposition groups or attempting to organise protests and strikes. Egypt’s military dictatorship is strongly supported by Western governments through arms deals, diplomatic backing and trade relations and so Egyptian activists are calling on us to join the protests for climate justice and to lend our voices to their struggle.

So in answer to that call …

Camino To COP and Earth Vigil together with XR Faith Bridge and XR Walkers invite you to join them in vigil for one hour each day for the duration of COP27.

This is our small act of solidarity with the thousands of activists and human rights defenders who suffer intimidation, harassment, arrest, detention, torture and death in Egypt for their engagement in climate and other social justice issues. We are calling on our Government and civil society organisations attending COP27 to speak out about this repression. Unless civil and political freedoms are defended, there will be no meaningful climate justice.

In advance of this we will be sending a letter to the UK government and civil society groups attending COP to ask them to speak out about this and we will symbolically deliver a physical copy of this letter to Downing Street at the end of our first vigil on 6th November as we set off to walk our Camino to COP26 film to it’s London screening.

Last year over a thousand people walked some way with us on our journey to Glasgow as we carried our message of climate justice to COP26. Will you bear witness with us this year? We will be outside the Carriage Gate entrance to Parliament between 1 and 2pm daily between 6th and 18th November. Bring a candle in jar. It would be helpful if you could sign up here if you are planning on coming so we can gauge numbers, but please do come even if you don’t sign up!

You can read more about this issue on The Egyptian Human Rights Coalition on COP27 website and through Naomi Klein’s powerful article

Reflections – Day 55

👣 Friday was pretty busy as we prepare ourselves for the big entrance on Saturday! We spent the day sewing the final patches onto the Coat of Hopes and rehearsing for our performance in the Green Zone next week. This evening we had an emotional closing ritual including making one final mega-mandala using objects we’ve found during our walks!

This was followed by a deconstructed burrito feast and then a film night – Ben from Art Docs ( has been joining us intermittently and is creating a beautiful film about the Camino. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s ready for viewing! It’s been a long day and there’s still plenty to do before an extra early start and probably a very chaotic tomorrow but we feel so content with how we’ve finished our time together – though of course this isn’t the end! Many of us will be sticking around at COP, and beyond that we’ll definitely stay in touch – after all, we’re a family! 💚💚💚

Reflections – Day 54

👣Our last ‘proper’ day of walking! (Tomorrow we will rest and on Saturday we enter Glasgow with lots of other groups.) We had quite a classic Camino day with a bit of rain, rivers, forests, some b-roads, then a final stretch through the streets into Blantyre. Here are some pictures of happy damp pilgrims!

We arrived at St Joseph’s Church, Blantyre church hall and were treated to an amazing dinner at Blantyre Miners Welfare Social Club from the Knights of St Columba where we also met some more pilgrims who have come all the way from Spain! 🎉

Reflections – Day 53

👣 After being seen off by Andrew in Kirkmuirhill we had a pretty nice walk despite the rain setting in after a few hours! We stopped off at Sandford Primary School to say hello to the children there then continued on to Strathaven where Tom from Climate Action Strathaven kindly came out to meet us!

After a quick photo stop we spent some time trying out local cafes including Tudor coffee house and roasted before settling in at St Patricks Church Strathaven church hall. We are super happy to welcome back pilgrims Tim and Alan in these last few days – they are always up for carrying our impressive but slightly unwieldy blue banner! 💪💪

Reflections – Day 52

👣 Instead of a rest day we had a rest morning with the Hare Krishna community who fed us so well and were super friendly! We were shown round their eco farm as well where they seem to grow almost everything you could imagine and are soon starting a project to take care of some rescued cows.

We were accompanied down the hill in song as we set off in the rainy afternoon for a short walk to Kirkmuirhill Parish Church where we are staying tonight. We also found some time today to work on plans for a performance we are doing in the Green Zone at COP! Tickets are sold out now but hopefully some of our supporters have managed to get one – see you there! 🎭

Reflections – Day 51

👣 After reconvening in Douglas we made our way along a bike path towards Lesmahagow! Shortly after our lunch stop near the roadside we had an encounter with the local police force who showed up in two vans to check in with us. After telling them all about our pilgrimage (and singing them the Coat song) we parted ways.

We were warmly welcomed at Karuna Bhavan Temple – Iskcon Scotland, who incredibly generously allowed us to stay there at extremely short notice after meeting a few pilgrims just yesterday! We learned about the Hare Krishna tradition and shared in some chanting, and tomorrow we’re looking forward to being shown round their eco farm! 🥕

Reflections – Day 50

👣 After briefing in the rain outside the service station in Abington we walked on to Douglas! Eventually the showers gave way to sunshine and rainbows as we walked through a wind farm. Some people think wind turbines ruin the view but we think there’s nothing ugly about renewable energy! 🌬️

The wonderful people at Upper Clyde Parish Church had provided us with lunch and we sang our way on to Douglas. The incredible Douglas Bakery stayed open late specially so we could chill before heading off to various different locations to sleep. We might all be a bit spread out tonight but we are still one Camino! 💚