Join the Western Camino

There are a few spaces left to join the Western Camino – the leg of the Camino which will start in Bristol on the 9th September and join the Camino coming from London in Birmingham on the 20th of September.  The Western Camino will be a beautiful time to come together with other people who care deeply about the environment, walk together, and share our own stories and the stories of people all over the world who will be affected by climate change.  You will be taking part in a beautiful movement of people from Bristol and London to Glasgow in preparation for COP26.  This should be one of the best parts of the Camino because:

  • The weather will be milder!  Early autumn walking in the west should be quite beautiful (if no doubt sometimes wet).
  • We will be making use of the Severn Way where possible.
  • We go through quite a few towns, including a rest day in Stroud, so there are lots of opportunities to make use of public transport to join the walk and get nice food. 

If you are interested, then please read through this information pack, and check out the sign-up link at the end. You can also join our Western Camino Telegram group if you would like to keep up with the group, join as a day walker or offer support.  

The accommodation spaces for Birmingham to Glasgow are currently full, but we can put you on a waiting list in case there are cancellations.

Any questions, contact

Sign-up process

We have had a great response to our initial round of sign-ups to walk the Camino to COP26 and we’ve loved getting to know a little bit about the good folk that will make up our group whether walking some or all of the way to Glasgow.

The number of applicants was a lot higher than we had anticipated.  This is a happy position to be in, but it does present us with logistical challenges when it comes to  providing shelter for each night.

So we have now halted the sign-up process for accommodation from London to Glasgow, although there is still some availability between Bristol and Birmingham! Please get in touch if you would like to join us.

We will always welcome day walkers and those who are prepared to sort out their own accommodation, but sadly we are unable to fulfill any further Camino accommodation requests between London and Glasgow. 

There are also walkers planning to set out from various different locations across the country, including Norwich, Nottingham, Liverpool, Hereford and Frome. We would love to link you up with these groups if you’re interested in joining them as you make your way to join the main route from London to Glasgow.

We have received some offers of overnight accommodation from private hosts who would like to support walkers and the Camino project and so we hope to be able to organise some kind of ‘Camino Accommodation Noticeboard’ to put hosts and walkers in touch with each other.

We are passionate about Camino to COP but we are a small group, under-resourced for a project of this size and scope.  If you are willing to help in any way, please get in touch. 

This amazing adventure will work best when we can all own it – we are all crew!

Please contact us at with any enquiries or ideas or join our Telegram chat if you’d like to hear more.