Reflections – Day 54

👣Our last ‘proper’ day of walking! (Tomorrow we will rest and on Saturday we enter Glasgow with lots of other groups.) We had quite a classic Camino day with a bit of rain, rivers, forests, some b-roads, then a final stretch through the streets into Blantyre. Here are some pictures of happy damp pilgrims! WeContinue reading “Reflections – Day 54”

Reflections – Day 50

👣 After briefing in the rain outside the service station in Abington we walked on to Douglas! Eventually the showers gave way to sunshine and rainbows as we walked through a wind farm. Some people think wind turbines ruin the view but we think there’s nothing ugly about renewable energy! 🌬️ The wonderful people atContinue reading “Reflections – Day 50”

Reflections – Day 46 to 47

👣 Due to last minute changes we switched our rest day to yesterday where we enjoyed peaceful Johnstonebridge and did lots of wholesome regen activities like card games and jigsaw puzzles – though some thrill-seeking pilgrims also ventured down to the river Annan for a dip! ⛄ Today we had a cold but sunny dayContinue reading “Reflections – Day 46 to 47”

Reflections – Day 44 to 45

👣 Day 44: Today was a drizzly day along roads and the beautiful Annandale Way – we are constantly grateful for the privilege we have of being outside close to nature for such long periods especially with the incredible changing colours of Autumn. We are super grateful to St Mungo’s Church in Kettleholm for allowingContinue reading “Reflections – Day 44 to 45”