Western Camino – Day 9

👣 We left Worcester in the morning to head for Stourport and a rendezvous with the Marches Camino. Highlights of the walk included seeing a rare night heron and a spot of wild swimming. We were met in Stourport by some super local rebels with a banner and a melodian. More spontaneous Morris dancing. ThenContinue reading “Western Camino – Day 9”

Western Camino – Day 7 to 8

👣 After a blessing from Tewkesbury Abbey yesterday, walkers were accompanied out of town by well wishing locals including local Green Party councillor Cate Cody. A good walk along the Severn to Upton where the group were met by local supporters. After a lovely walk through countryside with the Malvern hills in sight,  finished withContinue reading “Western Camino – Day 7 to 8”

Western Camino – Day 5

👣 Western Camino Day 5: Over 20 Caministas left Stroud, after a beautiful silent sit at St Laurence’s Church. We were lead by Hugh from St Laurence’s Church who navigated us to Gloucester! Highlights of the walk were a) reaching the top of the Painswick Beacon for lunch b) some very curious cows and c)Continue reading “Western Camino – Day 5”

Western Camino – Day 3 to 4

👣 Western Camino Day 3: walked to Stroud and were met by The Stroud Red Band! 👣 Western Camino Day 4: Our time in Stroud continued with an interfaith gathering at St Laurence Church. Pilgrims – including the youngest, 9 month old baby Lucas – shared their stories, poetry and songs, along with musical andContinue reading “Western Camino – Day 3 to 4”

Western Camino – Day 2

We left Zion United Church in Frampton Cotterell and said goodbye to the wonderful Zoe who had cared for us and given us so much heartfelt hospitality.  We were blessed by Stephen – we have been richly blessed on this journey so far, and it’s a very pleasant experience (not often encountered in my previousContinue reading “Western Camino – Day 2”