Camino to COP26

People’s walk for the planet

A pilgrimage for climate justice


You can download the latest route spreadsheet here. It is open to suggestion and subject to change.

The ‘Western Camino’ starts at Bristol and joins the main Camino at Birmingham. For more information join the Western Camino Telegram chat.

For information on the Eastern Camino join the Eastern Camino Telegram Chat.

We are united by our faith; a faith that we can advocate and influence and be the change that we want for our world. We choose to walk to COP26 as a practice of that faith, an act of connection with the earth on which we walk and the people with whom we walk and the communities through which we pass; and we make our way in kinship with the peoples and creatures of the earth who are suffering and displaced by climate and ecological breakdown. We do so peacefully and lawfully, ready to engage and learn, because we care and we have hope.


Walk with us

  • Sign-up process
    We have had a great response to our initial round of sign-ups to walk the Camino to COP26 and we’ve loved getting to know a little bit about the good folk that will make up our group whether walking some or all of the way to Glasgow. The number of applicants was a lot higherContinue reading “Sign-up process”
  • Welcome
    People walking for the planet: a pilgrimage for climate justice This is a walk for everyone, although initiated by XRUK Faith Bridge. We will be walking from London to Glasgow, setting out on Sunday 5th September and arriving in Glasgow on 29th October. A group has now been set up to plan a second startingContinue reading “Welcome”

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