Thanks to our generous donors and the astonishing support from our hosts along the way we raised over £14,500 for XR Global Support. Thanks to everyone who helped us whether with food, money, vehicles, whatever it was that you gave us, thank you. The link below will take you to the current Global Support fundraising page.


Where your money went

The money was raised specifically to support groups in financially disadvantaged countries that are already impacted by climate change in order to empower their agency as climate activists. We hoped to help mobilise more people in climate vulnerable countries in the global south and we indicated that it would be spent on funding things like technology such as smartphones and paying for data for activists or paying for materials like banners to enable them to engage in creative actions in a way that attracts attention to the crisis they face and the need for action.

When we spoke to the XR Global Support Team they identified a specific project which will directly support rebels attending the World Water Forum Conference March 2022. This is partly what all those blisters, songs, aches, joy, passion and pains were for.

Extinction Rebellion activists from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Gambia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Sudan, Sierra Leone, and Senegal will join other environmental activists at the World Water Forum in Dakar (Diamniadio) from 21stto 26th March, 2022. As the world’s largest event on water, it brings together participants from Governments, the private sector and civil society organizations to strengthen the implementation of actions needed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

What the rebels hope to achieve
The World Water Forum is an unprecedented opportunity for rebels in the region to connect with each other physically, undergo experiences together, and start the building of a regional environmental activist alliance, with shared goals, dreams, and strategies. This gathering will allow activists to create a common vision of the future of regional environmental activism and create a just, liveable world for all our children and future generations of all life.

“Tackling climate change is now as much a political and communications challenge as it is a scientific or technological one. We have the skills to address it in time. All we need is the global will to do so.

Sir David Attenborough

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