Reflections – Days 1 to 3

👣 Day 1 started with a wonderful send off at St James’s Church, Piccadilly accompanied by the XR Samba band, followed by a time of reflection with XR Jews and the Earth Fast at Parliament Square. We then made our way as a huge group of walkers through to Kilburn with some police escorts who helped us cross the road! We were greeted at St. James Church, West Hampstead with an amazing dinner and an evening of live music from Worldwide Welshman and friends with the local community! 

👣 On Day 2 we were sent off with a blessing from the vicar and made our way in the sun through to Kenton Methodist Church where we received an absolute abundance of food and some great conversation with church members and local XR activists.

👣 Day 3 started with some Jewish traditions for Rosh Hashanah from Jonathan (Shana Tova!). We were apprehensive about the walk today as it was 15 miles in 28 degree heat. But thanks to excellent planning by our navigators we had a fantastic day and even managed a dip in the river! 🐟 We finally made it to St Luke’s Church in St Albans where we were again treated to tea and a fantastic meal! Now we’re ready for an evening with the local community sharing and reflecting on each other’s stories.

We have been blown away by the hospitality we’ve experienced even in these first few days! Thank you to all our hosts, past and future. 🤗

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